The “Stein”ing

When I was younger, I loved the Goosebumps series! It never seemed like I would ever get the chance to read them all. I still am not sure how many R.L Stein published to this day. I found this assignment by choosing the random generator in the assignment bank website. The inspiration from this assignment came from a Tumblr user who creates way more intricate covers than I have here. I choose to make a book cover for Stephen King’s “The Shining.” The Shining was initially a book before it was turned into a movie, but I think that the the original book cover is a little bland, so I created a Goosebumps version! Out of all 80’s horror movies, I think that the Shining is a classic!

To complete this process I used Adobe Photoshop. My first step was to find a book cover template that I liked, and to erase the original photos. After I completed this I used the eyedropper tool to best match the color of the background, and paint over the original text. After this I just found photos from the movie that I wanted to use, re sized them, and added them as a layer into my psd. After I completed the design, I added the text!

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