The End

Well this was quite a semester! I had so much fun learning about digital story telling. Interestingly enough, this class helped me with my GIS capstone. For that project, I created a story map of the wayside panels in Fredericksburg. I will link that here for anyone that would like to view it!

The Story of Stephanie is my final project. I decided to use the same story map program I used for my internship. It is a cool method of story telling because it allows for the use of maps, photos, and video! I was pretty familiar with the original version of story maps, but the version I used in my project was just released by ESRI. Since the use of images and Photo Shop has been my favorite thing used this semester, I did it a lot. To supplement my map, I embedded in sound cloud links to short messages from “Stephanie”. My coworker did tell me this story, and it is true to her life, but I was not able to schedule a time with her to record a conversation.

I would like to thank our instructor, Paul Bond, for being an incredible teacher! I have learned a lot about how to effecticely tell a story, but also gained valuable online and computer skills that will help me as I venture out into the “real world”

Thanks for keeping up with me this semester,

Morgan Nebel

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